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A jib crane is a type of crane where a horizontal member (jib or boom), supporting a movable hoist, is fixed to a wall or to a floor-mounted pillar. It is one of the most versatile and all-purpose cranes used in wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Compared with large overhead crane, gantry crane or other lifting systems, the jib crane is smaller in size, but it is a piece of extremely powerful lifting equipment.

Our jib cranes are available in a wide range of capacities, sizes, shapes and design options. They are versatile enough to perform a wide range of local handling and spotting functions, and are economical enough to be adopted by individual work stations or used for outdoor installations.

Aicrane Hot-sale Jib Cranes

Pillar-mounted jib crane is widely used for various material handling applications in different warehousing units, storage units and distribution cells. It can be customized as per the specifications provided by clients. The load capacity of this jib crane can be up to 20 ton on request, and it features compact and robust structure, great performance and low maintenance.

Wall-mounted jib crane uses existing building structure for support, which eliminates the need of adding additional structures or foundations. The main types include wall bracket jib crane, wall-mounted cantilever jib crane, wall-mounted work station jib crane etc. It is very cost-effective and can also be used as a supplement to an existing bridge crane or other large lifting systems.

Wall-traveling jib crane is installed on its own crane way and can travel under large overhead cranes without interfering them working. It provides long lateral movement of different types of materials without taking floor space, and its traveling track is without limitation, which can make the most use of the plant space and greatly improve productivity and work efficiency.

Freestanding jib crane can be applied both indoors and outdoors, such as loading docks, machining operations, production and assembly operations, warehouses, shops and so on. Base plate mounted, sleeve mounted and insert sleeve mounted are optional for the installation of this kind of jib. This jib crane offers higher capacities, longer spans, and greater area of rotation compared with wall-mounted jib cranes.

Pillar mounted jib crane used indoors

Pillar Mounted Jib Crane

Pillar mounted jib crane is a kind of light duty crane, used for lifting and moving different types of materials ...
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Wall-traveling jib crane for sale

Wall Traveling Jib Crane

Wall traveling jib crane is a kind cost effective jib crane, travels along the rail mounted on the wall or ...
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Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Wall mounted jib crane is a type of crane fixed on wall column and very suitable for short distance, frequent ...
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Aicrane free standing jib crane

Free Standing Jib Crane

Free standing jib crane supplied by Aimix is a kind of versatile crane, and this kind of crane can be ...
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Various Types of Jib Cranes

Cantilever jib crane for sale

Cantilever Jib Crane

Cantilever jib crane is a kind of lifting device used in production and assembly line, factory, warehouse, plants, dock etc ...
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Column-mounted jib crane for sale

Column Mounted Jib Crane

Column mounted jib crane is a kind of jib crane that uses a mounted arm to lift, move or lower ...
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Pillar jib crane for sale

Electric Jib Crane

Electric jib crane supplied by our group is with innovative design and high quality. Aimix, as a professional and reputable ...
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jib crane for sale

Floor Mounted Jib Crane

Floor mounted jib crane, known as light lifting equipment of new generation, is designed and produced with reasonable structure, easy ...
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AQ-BZ10T jib crane for sale

360 Degree Jib Crane

Jib cranes lift and support materials in semi circles or full circles around their supporting structures, and the electric hoists, ...
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Articulating jib crane for sale

Articulating Jib Crane

Articulating jib crane can lift and precisely place loads around corners and columns, reaching into or under machinery and containers, ...
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Boom jib crane for sale

Boom Jib Crane

Boom jib crane provided by Aimix is highly adaptable, and fits well to various work occasions and industries. The jib ...
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heavy duty jib crane for sale

Heavy Duty Jib Crane

Heavy duty jib cranes are manufactured with high quality components and modern technology in compliance with industry norms. Our jib ...
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AQ-BZD jib crane for sale

Jib Hoist Crane

Jib hoist crane is an important lifting machine used on many construction and industrial occasions to lift and move heavy ...
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mast jib crane for sale

Mast Type Jib Crane

Mast type jib crane is floor supported and top stabilized, that is to say, this kind of jib crane needs ...
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Pillar jib crane for sale

Simple Jib Crane

Simple jib crane is a kind of versatile and all-purpose crane used in wide range of applications, it enables loads ...
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Slewing Jib Crane

A slewing jib crane is an efficient lifting device which is widely used in many different work places, like workshop, ...
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Wall bracket jib crane for sale

Wall Bracket Jib Crane

Wall bracket jib crane is a kind of economical solution for moving and lifting heavy materials and loads in specified ...
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Mobile jib crane for sale

Mobile Floor Jib Crane

Mobile floor jib crane is one of the most flexible material handling jib crane, and it is cost-effective for light-weight ...
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portable jib crane for sale

Portable Jib Crane

Portable jib crane allows easy transportation around the work place, which means it can serve multiple uses and applications and ...
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Jib Cranes with Different Lifting Capacities

BZ jib crane for sale

1 ton Jib Crane

1 ton jib crane is a light weight jib crane and can be used indoors and outdoors as needed, such ...
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2 ton Jib Crane

Jib crane is a kind of simple system used for lifting and transporting loads in semi circles or full circles ...
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3 ton jib crane for sale

3 ton Jib Crane

Jib crane is a kind of versatile, efficient and economical device, used for moving materials within an individual workstation, for ...
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5 ton jib crane for sale

5 ton Jib Crane

As a versatile and cost effective material handling device, jib crane is widely applied on various occasions for lifting, transporting ...
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10 ton jib crane for sale

10 ton Jib Crane

As a new type of lifting equipment for material handling, jib crane is designed in different styles to suit the ...
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Jib Cranes Applied to Different Working Places

Pillar jib crane for sale

Shop Jib Crane

Shop jib crane refers to a kind of jib crane used for material lifting and moving in shop, and the ...
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Workstation jib crane for sale

Workstation Jib Crane

Workstation jib crane offers easy and safe lifting and transferring repetitive loads. This kind of crane is very versatile and ...
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Characteristics and Benefits of Jib Crane

  1. Jib crane is versatile, economical and flexible lifting device;
  2. Jib crane offers 360 degree area of rotation for material handling on request;
  3. The crane can be designed in wide range of styles to suit various requirements, and it can also be customized for special needs;
  4. The jib crane is very easy to install, operate and maintain;
  5. It can be applied to many different occasions including indoor and outdoor places, and it can be used overlapping with other lifting systems to make the most use of the work cells;
  6. It is compact in structure and reliable in performance;
  7. It has very reasonable and competitive price;
  8. Jib crane has good adaptability, and it adapts well with users’ changing needs with a little modification as needed;
  9. Some jib cranes require no floor space while others can maximize lifting height; with the use of the jib cranes, the utility rate of the working cell will be unrivaled.

Wide Applications of Jib Crane

As one of the most widely used pieces of lifting equipment, jib cranes are designed in different styles and used for material handling on various occasions, including warehouse, industrial settings, dock yard and in construction industries. The jib crane has the wide applications as follows:

  1. Moving or transferring different types of materials and objects from one work cell to another;
  2. Supplementing or supporting a large overhead crane system;
  3. Performing a large number of lifting and handling operations;
  4. Conducting lifting operations in tight areas where overhead cranes or other lifting systems cannot be used;
  5. Used as an very economical choice for outdoor installations and applications;
  6. Covering circular or semi circular work areas to handle objects.

Jib cranes with wide applications

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Important Tips on Using Jib Cranes Properly and Safely

As one of the most important lifting devices used for lifting and transporting materials, jib crane has wide applications and is applied to many different working places. In order to ensure safe and proper use and operation of the jib crane, the following tips should be considered carefully and followed strictly:

  1. The jib cranes should be stored and handled correctly;
  2. Regular inspection on jib crane, block and crane accessories should be done before using or storing the crane, and defective cranes, blocks, parts and accessories must not be used to avoid risks;
  3. Jib arm should be positioned carefully to make sure the lifting appliance is directly over the load. It is forbidden to use the jib are or the appliance to drag the heavy loads along the ground;
  4. Take the load gently, and avoid shock or side loads; sudden loading and unloading may cause the jib arm to whip, which is dangerous;
  5. Before lifting or moving the load, make sure the travel path is clear and it is free of obstructions; people is not allowed to pass under the suspended loads to avoid dangers;
  6. The loads should be pushed but not pulled in order to avoid swinging loads;
  7. Operate the jib boom cranes according to the manual without disobeying it.

How to Choose Suitable Jib Crane for Material Handling

Since jib cranes are designed and produced in different types and with configurations, it matters a lot to choose a right and suitable one to suit specific material handling application. With the right crane, the lifting and transporting work can be greatly facilitate and efficiency and productivity can be boosted. There are several important tips on selecting jib cranes as follows:

  1. Take the following factors into careful consideration before choosing a jib crane: boom rotation, overall jib crane height, height under boom, working span needed, crane working environment, and power requirements. Some jib cranes offer 360 degree rotation like freestanding jib crane and mast type jib crane, and others offer 200 degree rotation like wall-mounted crane and articulating crane. The above factors should be considered with care.
  2. Do some research and get information from Internet or people who have purchased and used jib cranes. With the information, you may know better about the crane and get clear about what kind of jib crane you really need.
  3. Cooperate with a professional and reputable jib crane supplier, which makes sure you will get a professional and quality crane as you need. A small crane producer without much experience may provide you with low-quality crane product that cannot function well and meet your work needs, if you get a low-quality crane, that will be a waste of time and money. Choosing a reliable jib crane provider is necessary and essential for users in order to get a quality crane.
  4. Be sure you know well about the jib crane you need, including crane types such as floor mounted crane, wall-traveling crane, portable jib crane, heavy duty jib crane and hoist jib crane, crane applications, crane working conditions, crane working time and so on. It is important to provide the above information for the jib crane supplier to make sure you will get a suitable crane solution.
  5. Consider the price. Price is an important factor on deciding the choice of the jib crane. It is wise to take the crane price into careful consideration without ignore the crane quality. Our jib cranes are with very reasonable and competitive prices and will be your good choice to get one.

As a piece of material handling equipment, our jib crane is versatile, cost-effective and high efficient at work. We supply durable and reliable jib cranes for clients from all over the world. With the expert team in Aimix Group, our crane design is scientific and compact, the crane quality is carefully and strictly controlled and monitored in the process of manufacturing, and our jib crane price is very reasonable and competitive in the market. We supply various types of jib cranes, mainly including wall-mounted jib crane, pillar jibs, freestanding jib crane, cantilever jib crane, mast type jib crane, portable jib crane, mobile jib crane, slewing jib crane, articulating jibs and so on. Either fixed jib crane or portable jib crane you need, you will just get the perfect one from us.

 jib cranes for sale
Jib Cranes for Sale

Our jib cranes offer wide range of lifting capacities, such as 1 ton crane, 2 ton crane, 5 ton crane, 10 ton crane, 20 ton jib etc, which means you can get light-duty or heavy-duty jib crane as you need from our company for your specific application. We provide custom option for our customers to suit the special lifting requirements.

If you need a jib crane for your material handling and you are not sure about what kind of jib crane to choose, please contact us and tell us your detailed requirements, and we will recommend the most suitable jib crane according to your work needs. For more details on components, features, advantages and applications of our jib cranes, just don’t hesitate to send us emails.

As one of the professional jib crane manufacturers in China, we have provided wide range of jib cranes for our customers from many different countries and regions, and our cranes are highly recognized by the customers. Choose us as your jib crane supplier to get your suitable and reliable crane product.