360 Degree Jib Crane

Jib cranes lift and support materials in semi circles or full circles around their supporting structures, and the electric hoists, balancers or manipulators can be installed on the booms of the cranes. 360 degree jib crane is a kind of fully rotating jib crane with 360°slewing angles and it can be designed in different styles to suit different work requirements. The jib cranes are very versatile, they can be used from small workshops to big factory manufacturing and assembly lines, and can also be used on outdoor occasions as needed. They are easy to install, operate and ever relocate in the working places.

Styles of 360 Degree Jib Crane

To meet different work needs, different types of jib cranes with 360 degree slewing angles are designed and produced by jib crane suppliers. As a professional crane manufacturer, we supply the following styles of 360 degree jib cranes for our customers:

1. Freestanding 360°slewing jib crane: this kind of crane can be installed and applied anywhere including outside occasions, it is foundation-mounted and can offer higher load capacities, longer spans and greater rotation than wall-traveling and wall-mounted jib cranes.

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Freestanding 360° Jib Crane

Freestanding jib crane parameters:

Lifting capacity:0.25-20t
Turning degree: 360°
L: 4300-4500mm
R: 1100-1700mm
r: 4000mm
H: 3800-4500mm

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2. Floor-mounted 360°jib crane: as its name suggests, this jib style is installed on floor and can offer 360 degree area of rotation on request. It enlarges work range and can save time and energy. The jib crane can adopt manual or motorized slewing device, and can choose electric chain hoist or electric wire rope hoist to lift or move materials.

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Floor-mounted 360° Jib Crane

Floor-mounted jib crane parameters:

Lifting Capacity: 0.25-20t
Max Lift Height: 3-8m
Slewing Angle: 360°
Level Travel Speed: 20m/min

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3. Pillar-mounted 360°jib crane: the main features and advantages of this jib crane include large working range, scientific design and structure, time-saving and energy-saving, high efficiency, wide applications, affordable and reliable and so on. It is used for frequent and dense material handling work and can greatly improve productivity and efficiency.

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Pillar-mounted 360° Jib Crane

Pillar-mounted jib crane parameters:

Lifting Capacity: 0.25-20t
Max Lift Height: 3-8m
Slewing Angle: 360°
Level Travel Speed: 20m/min

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4. Mast type 360°slewing jib crane: this kind of jib is a very economical solution for heavy loads lifting and moving because it provide 360 degree rotation while eliminating the cost of a special foundation, which means it doesn’t need the special mounting foundation or large base supporting to fix the crane. Full cantilever and drop cantilever are optional for the crane as required. It uses a wide flange beam or I-beam for the jib boom and a wide flange beam for the column.

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Mast Type Jib Crane

Mast type jib crane parameters:

Lifting Capacity: 0.25-10t
Max Lift Height: 3-8m
Slewing Angle: 360°
Level Travel Speed: 20m/min

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The above cranes offer 360 degree rotation, but the full slewing range is not always needed. If there are some obstacles on the crane’s traveling path, then the crane cannot rotate 360 degree as expected. As solution for this case, we can add slewing stops at the required intervals in order to limit the slewing range to prevent collision with the obstacles, otherwise something dangerous may happen. These cranes can adopt either manual or powered slewing mode as needed, and the latter one can save muscle power because it just needs the touch of a button on the control panel, moreover, the powered slewing jibs can also be precisely positioned which is difficult with the manual control option.

As a professional jib crane manufacturer, Aimix Group supplies fully rotation jib cranes with 360°slewing degrees of any size for material handling. We provide 360 degree slewing jib crane with variety of arm lengths. If you are planning to buy jib crane with 360°area of rotation and want to get a quality one, please just choose us as your crane supplier, whatever your application, and you will get a perfect lifting jib crane with very competitive price. For more details on different types of jib crane, you just need to send emails to us.

AQ-BZ Type Jib Crane Parameters
Type AQ-BZ0.25 AQ-BZ0.5 AQ-BZ1 AQ-BZ2 AQ-BZ3 AQ-BZ 5 AQ-BZ8 AQ-BZ10
Lift Capacity (t) 0.25 0.5 1 2 3 5 8 10
Max. Lift Height(m) 3 3 3 3 4 4 6 8
Slew Angle(0) 360 360 360 360 360 360 360 360
Lift Speed (m/min) Normal 4;10;8 5;10;8 8 8 8 8 8 8
Slow 1;2.5;0.8 1.25;2.5 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8
Level Travel Speed(m/min) 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
Slewing Speed(r/min) 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
Electric hoist wire rope electric hoist or chain electric hoist
Power supply 3 phase 380v/50hz, 440v/60hz, 240v/60hz, 415v/60hz, etc
Control mode Pendent push button control or remote control

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