Column Mounted Jib Crane

Column mounted jib crane is a kind of jib crane that uses a mounted arm to lift, move or lower materials. This type of crane is widely applied to many occasions, such as manufacturing and assembling line, factory, warehouse, outdoor applications like loading docks etc. For machining and assembly applications, the crane can be overlapped with other jib cranes to provide staged coverage, or be used underneath large overhead cranes for objects handling work. The arm length and load capacity can be decided according to specific work needs. The jib crane can adopt either electric chain hoist or wire rope hoist to lift objects, and the crane is capable of 360 degree rotation as needed.

Column-mounted jib crane for sale
Column-mounted Jib Crane

Column-mounted jib crane parameters:

Rated capacity: 0.25-20t
Turning degree: 360°
L: 4300-4500mm
R: 1100-1700mm
r: 4000mm
H: 3800-4500mm

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Ellsen column mounted jib crane for sale
Column Jib Crane

Column jib crane parameters:

Rated capacity: 0.25-20t
Turning degree: 360°
L: 4300-4500mm
R: 1100-1700mm
r: 4000mm
H: 3800-4500mm

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Benefits of Using Column Mounted Jib Crane

  1. Our column jib crane is designed with compact structure and produced with quality metal material, which makes sure that the jib crane is durable and functions well for material handling work;
  2. The jib crane is space-saving in industrial settings, like warehouse and docks;
  3. It is economical to choose our jib crane because we supply our customers with quality cranes with very competitive prices;
  4. Our column jib cranes works very efficiently especially for short distance and frequent lifting and transporting work;
  5. Our cranes works reliably and safely, and we provide excellent after-sale service for the customers;
  6. The column mounted jib cranes are very easy to install and operate, and the maintenance is easy and simple;
  7. We also provide non-standard customized jib crane according to your special requirements.

How to Choose A Suitable Column Mounted Jib Crane

When you are planning on buying a jib crane, you should take the following jib specifications into careful consideration in order to get a right and suitable column mounted jib crane for your lifting work.

  1. Underboom height: it refers to the distance from the floor to the underside of the crane’s boom, and it is important to know the lifting height and the size of the hoist, or you may not choose a right crane for your load lifting;
  2. Overall jib crane height: it is necessary to tell the overall jib crane height you need especially when the jib crane will be used outdoors;
  3. Actual working span needed: the length of the boom is determined by the working span;
  4. Area of rotation: different types of jib cranes offer different areas of rotation, and it is needed to tell the area of rotation when you choose a jib crane;
  5. Power requirements: if you have any special requirement on the power, you should just tell jib crane supplier;
  6. Installation: as a professional jib crane provider, we will give you the expert recommendations on the crane installation to facilitate your lifting work.
Column jib cranes for sale
Column-mounted Jib Cranes for Sale

Specific work requirements need suitable solutions, that is to say, different types of jib cranes with different configurations are needed to suit customers’ different material handling requirements. As a professional and experienced crane manufacturer, we supply jib cranes with different boom lengths and load capacities to meet various work needs. No matter what kind of jib crane you need, just tell us and you will just get the suitable crane as you expect. For more information on jib crane for sale, please just contact us without any hesitation.

Technical Parameters
Type Rated capacity(t) Turning degree L(mm) R(mm) r(mm) H(mm) h(mm)
BZD0.25 0.25 360 4300 1100 4000 3800 3000
BZD0.5 0.5 360 4300 1100 4000 3900 3000
BZD1 1 360 4400 1100 4000 4200 3000
BZD2 2 360 4400 1100 4000 4200 3000
BZD3 3 360 4500 1500 4000 4500 3000
BZD5 5 360 4500 1700 4000 4500 3000

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