Jib cranes are widely used for material handling and safe operation of the cranes requires the users and operators to have the knowledge and competence to avoid risks and accidents.

Tips on Safe Operation of Jib Crane

  1. Do visual check on operating environment to make sure there are no hazards which may affect the safe operation of the jib crane.
  2. Do not overload the jib crane and keep aware of the total load capacity.
  3. Do not lift the load or objects from the side, the crane should be centered directly over the load to avoid swinging the load.
  4. Inspect the jib crane and its parts and accessories, and do not use defective jib cranes or lifting accessories.
  5. It is forbidden to ride on the load or allow other people to do so.
  6. The loads must not be lifted over people, and the people are forbidden to pass under the suspended loads.
  7. Take the lifting slowly to avoid shock loading and make sure the load is properly secured before lifting.
  8. Make sure the travel path is clear before slewing the jib.
  9. Always push the loads but not pull them.
  10. Always position the jib arm carefully.