Mast Type Jib Crane

Mast type jib crane is floor supported and top stabilized, that is to say, this kind of jib crane needs both top and bottom mounting. It doesn’t require special foundation support and large base plate compared with floor mounted and pillar mounted jib cranes. It offers 360 degrees rotation with the top and bottom bearing assembly. Requiring no special foundation makes the mast type jib crane the most cost effective of the 360°rotation jib styles.

For the jib crane, there are two designs available: full cantilever and drop cantilever. Full cantilever makes full use of available headroom providing the maximum amount of lifting as needed, and drop cantilever means the jib cantilever is placed and fixed at a specific height to clear overhead obstructions. Custom designed mast type jibs are also available as required.

Mast type jib crane for sale
Full Cantilever Mast Jib Crane

Full cantilever mast jib crane parameters:

Lift Capacity: 0.25-10t
Max Lift Height: 3-8m
Slew Angle: 360°
Level Travel Speed: 20m/min

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Tips on Installation and Maintenance of Mast Type Jib Crane

Without proper installation of the crane, lifting and transferring loads work cannot be carried out with the crane. The units and accessories of the jib crane should be installed according to supplier’s instructions and guidance, which makes sure the crane can be installed properly. The crane boom cannot be installed until the mast is installed properly and reliably. It is worth mentioning that the crane components cannot be modified without the suppliers’ approval, or something wrong may happen to the jib crane and the crane will not function well as expected.

To keep the mast type jib crane in good working condition, it is recommended to inspect and lubricate the crane and crane parts regularly. All the parts should be inspected, the loose parts should be adjusted and the worn parts should be replaces at once, otherwise some risks may happen with the loose or worn parts. A visual inspection should be done by crane operator before each use.

Mast jib crane for sale
Mast Type Jib Crane

Features and Benefits of Mast Type Jib Crane from Aimix

  1. The mast jib crane is a kind of most economical and cost-effective 360°rotation jib crane;
  2. The mast jib crane has two design types available for customers: full cantilever design and drop cantilever design;
  3. This jib crane requires no special floor foundation support, which saves floor space of the building;
  4. It is with easy rotation even on heavy loads;
  5. The mast type jib cranes have low force exertion on supporting structure;
  6. The crane can maximize the hoist travel with I-beam boom;
  7. Motorized rotation for the jib crane is available;
  8. Our mast type jib crane has very competitive price;
  9. Our customers can get high quality jib crane and excellent sale and after-sale service from us;
  10. We provide jib crane custom option to suit special work requirements.
Mast jib crane for sale
Mast Type Jib Cranes

Mast type jib cranes are widely used in different working places to lift and transfer materials and loads as needed, and they greatly improve efficiency and save energy and time. If you are planning on buying a mast type jib crane now, please just choose Aimix as your supplier, and you will get the most suitable and reliable jib crane as you expect with very reasonable price. To get more detailed information on this economical jib crane for sale, just contact us without hesitation.
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