Wall Bracket Jib Crane

Wall bracket jib crane is a kind of economical solution for moving and lifting heavy materials and loads in specified work areas. It offers 200 degree rotation. This kind of jib crane works along walls or columns, and it requires sufficient clearance above the jib boom throughout its arc to accommodate tie rod suspension. The entire space under the boom can be used with this wall bracket jib crane because the beam is supported by an overhead tie-rod and there is no vertical support mast, which means the wall mounted tie rod jib crane can offer the greatest under boom working space availability.

Wall bracket jib crane for sale
Wall Bracket Jib Crane

Wall-bracket jib crane parameters:

  • Lifting Capacity: 0.5-10t
  • Valid Radius: 3-8m
  • Lifting Height: 6-30m
  • SlewingAngle: 0-180°
  • Lifting Speed: 0.7-8m/min
  • Traveling Speed: 10/min
  • Slewing Speed: 0.4-1r/min
  • Work Duty: A3, A4

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Important Information on Wall Bracket Jib Crane

The wall bracket jib crane, also known as wall mounted tie rod jib crane, mainly includes top and bottom wall mount brackets, tie rod assembly, beam bracket and load beam. The mounting of the jib crane is carried out through the use of standard I-beam boom, a tie rod with threading on both ends, a beam bracket and two wall brackets. Using a standard I-beam for the jib boom, the tie rod that is threaded at the both ends is connected to the boom with the tie rod beam bracket; the tie rod is then connected to the wall or supporting column with the tie rod wall bracket; then the boom is connected to the wall or supporting column with the beam wall bracket, which create a sturdy jib crane with the above steps and the crane is with a 200 degree rotation.

The wall bracket jib cranes have the following advantages: ease of movement, full rated capacity, safety, easy and quick installation, full use of under boom work space, cost-effective, high efficient, ease of inspection and maintenance, energy-saving and so on.

The low cost and easy installation and operation make the wall bracket jib a great ergonomic device used in workstations, workshops,. warehouses, machining centers, production and assembly lines and maintenance shops. If you would like to get a wall bracket jib crane for your lifting work, please just tell us your specific requirements, and we will provide you with the suitable recommendations. As a kind of wall mounted jib crane, wall bracket jib is very economical and cost effective and it is a good choice for lifting and moving loads as needed. Aimix, as an experienced and professional jib crane supplier in China, supplies wide range of quality jib cranes in different styles. Choose and cooperate with us, and you will get the right and reliable jib crane to suit all your requirements. To get more details on this wall mounted tie rod jib crane price, please send your inquiry to us by emails and you will get our reply within 24 hours. It is worth buying a quality and professional jib crane for your material handling.

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Wall Bracket Jib Cranes for Sale

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