Wall Traveling Jib Crane

Wall traveling jib crane is a kind cost effective jib crane, travels along the rail mounted on the wall or other supporting structure and can make full use of the working space for material lifting and moving. The wall traveling crane can provide lateral movement of heavy materials and at the same time, the hoisting equipment working with the crane can lift the materials in vertical direction, which makes the best use of the working space and save much manpower, since manually lifting and moving heavy objects is hard and time consuming.

Wall-traveling jib crane for sale
Wall-traveling Jib Crane

Wall-traveling jib crane parameters:

Rated capacity: 0.5-5t
L: 3500mm
R1: 500-800mm
R2: 3000mm

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Wall-traveling jib crane with good price
Ellsen Wall-traveling Jib Crane for Sale

Ellsen wall-traveling jib crane parameters:

Rated capacity: 0.5-5t
L: 3500mm
R1: 500-800mm
R2: 3000mm

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Features and Uses of Wall Traveling Jib Crane

The lifting capacity of the crane is generally from 0.5ton to 10 ton and can also be customized as required, and its working duty is A3. The wall traveling jib cranes can be used in many places, like machine manufacturing and assembly workshop, maintenance factory, warehouse and some other outdoor working occasions. It can also be the complement to the overhead crane system for material handling work, and several wall traveling jib cranes can travel along the same track and work simultaneous as needed without interfering with each other or with overhead cranes, which can greatly improve work efficiency and productivity.

This kind of traveling jib crane takes electric wire rope hoist or chain hoist as its lifting mechanism, and the hoist should be selected according to the material lifting needs. Wall traveling cranes are widely used to suit different material handling requirements and they work the way as they are supposed to be.

When you are planning on buying such a jib crane, it is worth mentioning that owing a quality one is beneficial for your facility. The quality traveling jib crane can meet your production needs and building specifications; it doesn’t take up floor space or interfere with other cranes; it is very easy to install and operate, and needs simple and less maintenance. With so many advantages, the jib cranes are adopted by many users to lift and move different kinds of materials and goods.

Wall traveling Jib crane for sale
Wall-traveling Jib Crane Supplied by Ellsen

Wall Traveling Jib Crane for Sale

Ellsen, as a professional jib crane supplier in China, have been in this business for decades and have produced various cranes for different customers from all over the world, like India, Russia, America, Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and so on. All our customers are very satisfied with our products and some of them have cooperated with us more than once.

If you are looking for a wall traveling jib crane now, just tell us the working place conditions, crane working environment, lifting capacity of the crane you need, what kind of materials to be lifted etc, and we can recommend the most suitable jib crane to meet all your requirements. For jib crane quotation, just send us inquiry and we will reply you very soon as you expect. No matter what kind of jib crane you want, you can just find and get the perfect one from Ellsen. Contact us now to get the crane with competitive price.

Wall-traveling Jib Crane Parameters
Type Rated capacity(t) L(mm) R1(mm) R2(mm)
BB1 1 3500 500 3000
BB2 2 3500 500 3000
BB3 3 3500 600 3000
BB5 5 3500 800 3000

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